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X-Men : Dark Phœnix (2019)

X-Men : Dark Phœnix

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Synopsis du film:

In Dark Phoenix, the X-Men face their most fearsome and powerful enemy: one of them, Jean Grey. On a space rescue mission, Jean is hit by an enigmatic cosmic force. When she returns home, this force makes her incredibly more powerful, and also much more unstable. This contest within her unleashes powers in ways she cannot understand or contain.

When she loses control, she hurts those she loves, unraveling the tissue that holds the X-Men together. Now, with this family broken, they are looking for a way to stay together, not only to save Jean, but also to save the planet from the aliens who want to take this force and destroy the Earth.

The story of the 'Dark Phoenix' was partially adapted in "X-Men: The Last Stand" (2006), though without much luck. In the words of Sophie Turner, it seemed right to make a new adaptation of the comic to pay tribute to one of the most shocking stories of the 'X Men'.

To make the film the director Simon Kinberg acknowledged having been inspired by the original material, by the writer Chris Claremont, but also by the animated series that have picked up the plot.

Box-office failure

Since its premiere, "Dark Phoenix" has raised more than $200 million worldwide, though only $52 million in the United States. For a movie on your bill, it's basically a failure.

In these circumstances, Kinberg said there were many factors that affected the film's release, but he ultimately blamed himself for the misfortune.

"It is clearly a film that could not connect with the audience that decided not to see it. Nor was it sufficiently connected with the audience that saw it," the filmmaker told KCRW's "The Business" program.

However, the director clarified that "I loved making the film and I loved the people with whom I made the film". Unfortunately, the results were not forthcoming.

The Final Battle

Tye Sheridan, the actor who plays Scott Summers, told the ReelBlend podcast that the final battle of "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" originally occurred in New York, where Charles Xavier and his character appeared before the United Nations (UN) to warn the world about an alien invasion.

"Originally, the script said that Charles and Scott were going to the UN because - I'm going to totally ruin this - they were going to try to tell the president that we were under attack by aliens, who have captured Jean Grey... So, Jean comes to the front of the United Nations and there is a big battle between the UN guards and Jean Grey, it turns out that all the guards were Skrulls," the actor said.

"Then, Scott fights with the Skrulls and is thrown to the fountain in front of the UN and then Jean goes down and fights with everyone and then goes into space again... (She) basically says goodbye to Scott and Charles. And then it's over, I think," she said.

In "Dark Phoenix", the shape-shifting alien race that invades the Earth is the D'Bari civilization, although according to Sheridan's testimony, originally the villains were the Skrulls, seen as allies of Carol Danvers in "Captain Marvel" of MCU.

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix" continues his cinema career.

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